Kimberly's Story

Once upon a time Kimberly was just going through the motions. Every once in a while she’d find some happiness, but it quickly faded. She chased every possible way to make money because she thought money was the key to getting the happiness she longed for.  Her world was filled with self-doubt, fear, and not feeling worthy enough. Being a rebel, she never felt like she fit in. Eventually her husband left their unhappy marriage. One day she decided she was worthy enough to take a different path. One that led her through the dark cave of fear, past the forest of doubts, and through the village of vulnerability. With each step she trusted herself more. She asked for what she really wanted and she started to get it. More happiness, more love, and yes more money. Her husband returned home and now she is living her enchanted life as an Artist and Coach. Happiness infuses her life. Each day she lives more of the happy ever after she created for herself. 



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